why hot yoga heaters?

Hot Yoga with infrared heat adds another dimension to fitness! According to research, since warm bodies are more flexible, Hot Yoga with infrared heat can be helpful in attaining greater range of movement in joints, muscles, and ligaments. Hot Yoga also enhances muscle endurance, reduces muscle stiffness, and decrease inflammation.

Some additional benefits of Hot Yoga with BBC’s Thermazone electric infrared heater have been reported by homeopathic researchers to be helpful in:
· Increasing peripheral circulation
· Enhancing heart function
· Lowering blood pressure
· Reducing stress
· Detoxification through sweating

BBC’s Thermazone electric infrared heater is the ultimate choice for heating for a Hot Yoga studio for a number of reasons: it raises the room temperature quickly, no noisy fans or blowers, inexpensive installation, easy to control, no maintenance, no bulbs or moving parts to replace, and it uses clean, electric heat.

“We are extremely happy with our Black Body Heaters. Their versatility and flexibility allow us to provide zoned heating options for our practitioners. Hot, medium, or mild, we like the feel of Black Body heaters!”
– Ross Yearsley, Breathe Hot Yoga