BBC Infrared Oven Tunnel (Small)

Infrared Ovens

Black Body® Processing and Curing Systems are available in over 50 standard oven configurations with optional conveyors, exhaust blowers, and vestibules. For unusual applications, custom designed ovens can be manufactured to meet your exact surface finishing requirements.

Infrared heat is the most efficient and economical way to finish, converting more than 90% of energy into heat. We will custom make the infrared oven you desire. Convection is an option.

Contact BBC Industries to order your custom-designed Black Body® Processing and Curing System!


  • Programmable Individual Heat Zones for Complete Temperature Control
  • Easy-To-Use Controls Simplify Operation
  • Energy Efficient
  • Pure Radiant Energy Quickly Converts to Heat for Maximum Energy Savings
  • Direct Infrared Shortens Process Times
  • Unique Heater Grid Design Collects, Focuses, and Directs Infrared Heat
  • Helps Use Less Energy to Achieve Product Temperature
  • Modular Design for Maximum Flexibility Accommodates Any Size or Shape Product
  • Adjustable Ovens are Easily Altered with Minimum Effort or Expense
  • Uniform Heat Eliminates Hot Spots
  • Uses Less Floor Space and Simple to Install
  • Compact Design is Pretested and Assembled

Or Contact Us today to speak to one of our experienced BBC infrared heater professionals to discuss your specific needs!

Additional Information

Infrared Ovens are Used In Many Applications!


  • Aluminum Extrusions
  • Powder Coating
  • Paint Baking
  • Curing Wrinkle Paint
  • Degreasing
  • Heating Molds
  • Moisture Dry-off
  • Dehydrating Coils
  • Expansion Parts Fitting
  • Preheating Steel Rolls

Paper and Printing

  • Drying Inks and Varnishes
  • Dehydrating Paper
  • Silk Screen Drying
  • Drying Binding Adhesives


  • Softening Plastics for Pressure and Vacuum
  • Forming
  • Rubber Applications
  • Hardening Formed Parts
  • Drying Coatings
  • Baking Molded Parts
  • Heat Sealing
  • Molding and Laminating
  • Unique Screen Print Curing
  • Curing Latex


  • Drying Fillers
  • Drying Lacquers
  • Drying Toners and Varnishes
  • Heating Printing Rolls
  • Drying Painted Finishes
  • Adhesive Setting


  • Screen Printed Glass
  • Heating Safety Glass
  • Setting Glass Cloth Dyes
  • Preheating Plate Glass
  • Eye Glass Applications


  • Drying Motors
  • Baking Armatures
  • Drying Electrical Varnishes
  • Soldering


  • Dehydrating Chemicals
  • Preheating Chemicals