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Big Buddy Conveyor Dryer

The Big Buddy  Conveyor Dryer from BBC Industries, Inc. is the best conveyor dryer for a manual shop expecting to grow. It is much more than its size and price. Unique technology, capacity, and controls put the Big Buddy Conveyor Dryer at the top of its class.


  • 250+ Plastisol Prints per Hour
  • Auto Plateau™ Technology
  • 2-Digit Belt Speed Control
  • Hassle-Free Belt Tracking
  • Single Point Power
  • No Crating Charge

See below for additional information about Auto Plateau™ Technology as well as Plug Reference for the Big Buddy III Conveyor Dryer.

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Additional Information

Auto Plateau™ Technology in Big Buddy Conveyor Dryer

Two finely tuned zones with custom-coiled long-wave infrared Black Body® elements guarantee a heat profile “plateau.”

Quickly getting the shirt to curing temperature, and then holding it there, offers greater wash-fastness no matter the ink line or thickness of print.


Our elements are also designed so the heat from belt edge-to-edge is nearly identical. Unlike the competition, the middle of the belt is not hotter than the edges. The chart shows the temperatures of a shirt with probes on the left, middle, and right of the belt.

Auto Plateau™ Technology also makes curing water-based inks easier without air flow. No longer is it necessary to run shirts through twice.

Plug Reference