BWW1Eating out is as American as going to a baseball game.

This is the time of year when people begin asking for patio seating to enjoy the sun or relax in the evening air. Outdoor seating is a great way for restaurants to expand seating without incurring the full cost of a building addition.

Sitting under a covered patio, watching a game on TV, and having drinks with friends is something people look forward to as the seasons change. BBC offers a variety of electric infrared comfort heaters perfect for heating covered outdoor seating areas.

Whether it’s a 1000 sq. ft. outdoor patio at your favorite wing restaurant or a 100 sq. ft. covered deck on the back of your house, BBC’s electric infrared Thermazone® Comfort Heaters allow you and your guests to appreciate the outdoors comfortably.

BBC’s electric infrared Thermazone® Comfort Heater easily mounts on the wall or ceiling, is completely silent, and does not give off any light, fumes, or odor. It’s 100% electric with no flames, fans, or moving air, meaning your space stays safe and clean and allows your guests to focus on their meal and enjoy the outdoor dining experience.

For more information on how BBC can help make your outdoor patio a more comfortable experience, contact us at or 800-654-4205.